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Welcome to Passion Craft Store!

We do our best to provide you with high-quality handmade BDSM Toys, accessories for shibari rope bondage, cuffs and sex restraints, wax play candles and leather harness for men and women.
We have all classic variations of sex whips: leather flogger, riding crop, bullwhip, cat o nine tails. All Shibari Bondage Ropes suit both for floor shibari and for suspensions. Shibari candle designed for wax play.
Explore our bondage restraints: leather handcuffs, wrist and ankle restraints, bondage straps, neck cuff bondage.
And if your fetish is leather harness, choose leather body harness, leather chest harness, leather leg harness, garter belt for you taste.
If you have something unique in your mind we will be happy to help you to create it - just click «Request Custom Order».

Discover your desires and how to fulfill them!

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